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Patio Covers
Enjoy the comfort of the outdoors without the sun and rain beating down on you. Patio covers can either be constructed with a solid or a lattice type roof, or both. Built to local codes and ordinances, and individually constructed and painted to your specifications using quality materials. Whether it be barbequing, parties, or just enjoying being outdoors, building a patio cover can add years of enjoyment to your family’s activities, along with adding value to one of your biggest and most important investments, your home.
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Patio Covers


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Fireplaces and WoodstovesNo other product will give you your investment return as much as installing a new fireplace or woodstove. Installing an airtight fireplace insert in an existing fireplace allows you to enjoy the comfort and warmth of your fireplace with the added convenience of being able to control the burn rate by adjusting the air intake, therefore resulting in hours of warmth and comfort without having to constantly add wood . The added plus of an airtight insert is that the constant smoke smell and smoke bellowing out into your room are eliminated.
The benefits of installing a freestanding wood burning stove are exactly like a fireplace insert, from being airtight so you can control the burn rate and temperature, to having the option of having warmth and comfort anywhere in your home, especially if your home doesn’t have a fireplace. Wood burning stoves can be installed in both mobile homes and conventional homes. Along with the efficiency of both a fireplace insert and a woodstove , either product adds beauty and prestige to your home. And of course, both are installed according to local ordinances and requirements with safety as our first and foremost concern.
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Fireplaces and Woodstoves

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Awnings Whether you live in a mobile home or a conventional built home. Adding an aluminum awning not only improves the value of your property, but also reduces your cooling expenses as well as enhancing the appearance of your home. All projects are engineered to comply to local ordinances and specifications. They are also available in a variety of colors to compliment your home. So whether you want to cover your patio , driveway, or just an individual window with a window awning. We have what you need to make your home as personalized as you would like.
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Patio Enclosures and Solariums Need extra space? Enclosing your new or existing patio with a patio enclosure is an easy and inexpensive way of expanding your livingspace and enjoyment. Consisting of prefabricated modular panel walls, sliding glass windows, and keyed entry doors, swinging or sliding. Also, by adding an insulated acoustic drop ceiling, you can add to the all around appearance as well as adding the benefits of insulating your room during the winter and summer months. The enclosures come in a variety of colors and can even be custom painted to match your existing home.
Solariums come with the option of a bull nose roof. Like patio enclosures, they consist of prefabricated module panels, with the panels being glass instead. They also come with sliding glass windows and keyed entry doors, swinging or sliding. As opposed to patio enclosures which are installed beneath an awning or patio cover, solariums can either have acrylic or solid panels as the roof. Both patio enclosures and solariums are engineered to comply with local ordinances.
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Patio Enclosures and Solariums


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Home Improvement Do you have those home improvement projects nobody seems to want to take the time or effort to do? From enhancing the appearance of your home, or adding to your security by adding storm or security doors. Repairing those worn-out or ripped window screens or adding a screen door to let in the fresh air, no job is too small for us to satisfy your needs.
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Home Improvement


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